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My Practice Philosophy

I began my career as an associate with a major New York law firm, where I gained invaluable experience and made a lot of money. To quote my good friend and mentor of the time: "If you are going to sell out, at least sell out to the highest bidder." Since 1992, I have devoted my efforts to representation of small business and individuals, leading a series of incarnations of a law firm that had my name on the door and up to a dozen other attorneys working for me and with me. Several years ago, I came to the realization that the firm of "Me, Myself and I," enabled by technology and informed by decades of practice and experience, could cost-effectively serve my clients in the best manner possible. It also helps that we never fight about partner compensation structures, although there is occasional dispute as to whether or not a particular client is quite right in the head.

‚ÄčOver the years, I have participated on the board of directors of a number of organizations, for-profit and not-for-profit, and have dealt with hundreds of small businesses in various phases of their inception, growth and (sometimes) demise. Whenever I sit down to write a contract or negotiate a transaction, I am guided by the knowledge and observation of all those cases and controversies that have come before - of what might go wrong down the road and how to guard against it. When something does go wrong and have to draft a complaint or respond to a lawsuit, that same experience allows me to see what reasonable solutions might be forecast, and to gauge the validity and strengths of my clients' positions.

I try to take the time to learn about each client's business, its unique needs and its key people, so that when problems do arise, I can advise them from an informed and sensitive perspective, proposing solutions and responses that make sense not just from a legal perspective, but also in the reality of the clients' business needs.

Sometimes disputes need to be fought out in the courtroom, but often a philosophy of early intervention and quick response can avert the costly and time-consuming process of dispute resolution. I try to keep my clients attuned to risk areas and potential disputes before they become too great, and to ensure their business practices and policies are defensible in the event we are called upon to so do in court.

‚ÄčI can be tough if I have to, but have found over the years that most legal problems are borne of misunderstanding and misinterpretation, not malice or greed. They are no less in need of resolution, but can often be solved through reasonable dialogue and solid logic better than undirected passion and fury. I view part of my role as advocate to be an ability to judge and properly dispense the appropriate mix of these elements in any business dispute..
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