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Individuals and small business enterprises require a myriad of other legal services, often in the form of assistance with regulatory compliance, contract drafting, risk management, and general “best practices” for their specific operations.  No two clients are identical, although experience with others in the same situation can often inform our affiliated attorneys' advice and turn a complicated situation into a fast and efficient response.

The hallmark of this legal practice is getting to know each client and its operations on a personal level, and being ready to inform day-to-day decisions and answer questions as they arise without a lot of additional background or expense.  That way, when there is a regulatory compliance issue with a local government, an operational issue that raises potential liability, or just a curious question about an aspect of our clients’ business, the response can be quick, efficient and effective.

Some of the other business services with which we routinely assist our clients  through affiliated attorneys are:

  • Registered Agent services. (through third-party vendors)
  • Basic Business Licenses.
  • Tax registration and business structuring.
  • Local tradename registration (not federal trademark).
  • Contract negotiation and drafting.
  • Regulatory fines, suspensions, and authorities to operate.
  • Vendor contracts and disputes.
  • Business legal risk assessment and best practices review.

Other Business Services

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