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Almost nobody wants to fight a business dispute in court.  It is expensive, distracting, seemingly endless, and all too often ends up with unsatisfactory results for both sides.  At the same time, sometimes a decision by a neutral judge or jury is the only way a dispute is going to get resolved.  When that happens, it is important to be working with an attorney who has the experience and tenacity to guide a client’s case through pleading, discovery and ultimately to judicial resolution and perhaps appeal.  James Loots is such an attorney.

With over thirty years of experience and literally hundreds of cases in court, he has developed the skills and analytical abilities of a seasoned litigator, able to articulate client positions and elicit critical testimony in a clear and concise manner the judge or jury can understand.  There are guaranties of result in any court of law, but a client’s best asset in dispute resolution is an attorney who knows the law, knows the facts, and is able to blend those two elements into a persuasive and complete presentation of the case.

Not every case should be fought to the bitter end.  Alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation can be employed and be successful – especially in situations where the adverse parties need to continue a business or employment relationship when the case is over.  And one should always be mindful that the costs of litigation are proportionate to the result likely to be obtained.  When crafting a litigation  plan, our firm’s primary focus is to achieve a maximum potential benefit at a realistic and affordable cost to the client.  Competitive rates and fee caps for phases of a case are a starting place, but the key to effective litigation management is really in allocating resources where they can be most efficiently and effectively used.  James Loots keeps that in mind every hour he works on a litigation dispute.

In addition to regular representation of clients before state and local administrative agencies, James Loots is admitted to practice, and regularly appears in the courts of the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland.  Through related attorneys, he assists clients in matters pending in Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and other state jurisdictions.  He is also admitted and regularly practices in the federal courts, where he is admitted before many United States District Courts, United States Courts of Appeal, and the United States Supreme Court.

Some of the more significant litigation matters in which Jim represented business clients include:

  • Major Wage and Hour litigation by a former manager
  • Company ownership and control issues.
  • Breach of contract on a business sale and warranty.
  • Suit for enforcement of franchise agreements with a major national hotel chain.
  • Revocation of a company’s business licenses by a local governmental entity.
  • Sexual harassment claims by a former restaurant server.
  • Contract dispute with a major institutional vendor of food service supplies
  • Wrongful eviction claims of a commercial tenant against its landlord.
  • Fraud by a borrower on a commercial loan agreement.


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