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 Formerly The Law Offices of James M. Loots

Development and Leasing

Serving Small Business and Individuals Since 1984

Throughout the metropolitan area, new development and renovation of existing properties is rejuvenating communities.  That is nowhere more true than in the District of Columbia itself, where several of our clients are involved in the financing, construction, renovation, leasing, and sale of commercial and residential properties.  From acquisition and project funding to the final sale,  our affiliated attorneys are experienced in working with the players in small and mid-sized development projects to ensure every aspect is properly documented and legally sound. 

For commercial landlords and tenants, the negotiation and execution of a long-term lease (often with an option to purchase or extend) can be the single most important aspect of a new business project.  Years of experience in various contexts informs the legal advice and structure of those leases, our affiliated attorneys are well-suited to help guide those leases to completion and performance.

Among the Development and Leasing services provided to clients are:

  • Commercial lease negotiation and drafting
  • Project financing documentation and, where appropriate, security documents
  • Purchase and sale agreement, broker commission agreements, and development agreements.
  • Negotiation and drafting of “hold harmless” agreements with neighboring owners and stakeholders.
  • Registration and recordation of documents related to long-term leases and options.
  • Contractual agreements with architects, engineers, general and specialty contractors.