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If you wish to schedule a free 15-minute telephone introduction to discuss your potential legal needs, please complete and submit this form. Someone will contact you within 48-72 hours to set a time when you can speak with an attorney.   Usually, this time will be during regular business hours but we can set up telephone introductions evenings and weekends if required.

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If you wish to schedule an initial consultation of up to one hour, please complete and submit this form, pay the initial consultation fee of $350.00, then call (202) 536-5650 to  schedule a time for your appointment.  Telephone, virtual, and in-person consultations at our office are available.   An attorney will spend up to one hour and discuss in detail your legal issue, potential approaches and solutions to the issue, whether a more formal engagement and representation is required, and what it might cost were we to do so.   The signed Initial Consultation Agreement may be submitted online below or sent by scanned email to, or in hard copy by first class mail.   Please do not send any confidential information unless and until we set up a consultation and you are requested to do so.

IMPORTANT FINE PRINT:  Please note that submission of this information or conducting a telephone introduction or initial consultation does not mean that we have agreed  or will in the future agree to provide legal services to you.  Any telephone introduction or initial consultation is informational only.  Please do NOT provide any documentation or confidential information about your potential legal needs at this time.   You could lose valuable legal rights by doing so, and the law firm has a policy of deleting, destroying and not reviewing materials received from third parties without prior request or approval of the firm.    WE WILL NOT PERFORM ANY LEGAL SERVICES ON YOUR BEHALF UNLESS AND UNTIL WE BOTH SIGN A FORMAL WRITTEN LEGAL SERVICES AGREEMENT AND YOU PAY AN ADVANCE RETAINER FOR FEES AND EXPENSES, WHICH WILL BE DISCUSSED AT THE TIME OF YOUR CONSULTATION.  That said, please don't hesitate to share your questions or concerns, and let's see if we can work together to resolve your legal needs.

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